Michael E. Stevenson

Michael E. Stevenson, Ph.D., P.E.


Board Chairman & CEO



Dr. Michael E. Stevenson is Board Chairman, Principal, and CEO of ESi, responsible for driving our overarching vision and strategy and translating it into the day-to-day character and operations of the company. He also provides direct oversight and support for the company's extensive network of operations and disciplines, with a focus on harnessing the full breadth of our capabilities in service to our clients.  Dr. Stevenson leads by example, combining a strong value-oriented approach and an innate ability to link technical insights to the underlying business environment and bring best practices from one industry to another.

Dr. Stevenson began his career as a materials engineer, but was quickly tapped for leadership roles serving clients across a comprehensive portfolio of industries, both nationally and internationally. This exposure provided Dr. Stevenson with hands-on experience in the technical, operational and financial aspects of leading a successful engineering consulting firm, and shaped his views on how to provide a differentiated value proposition for clients.

Dr. Stevenson brought this knowledge to ESi over a decade ago, when he helped launch our Georgia operations. Since that time, he has taken on progressive leadership roles and responsibilities, helping drive the significant year-over-year growth of the company, as well as development of industry leading go-to-market capabilities.

Mechanical and Materials Engineering

Operationally, Dr. Stevenson specializes in all aspects of the performance and analysis of engineering materials. He applies technical expertise and big picture thinking to put his finger on what’s needed, ask the right questions, and uncover what happened. Equally important, he helps clients understand those issues within the context of their situations. Representative technical competencies include the dynamic mechanical properties of materials, indentation hardness testing, fatigue and fracture mechanics, applied techniques for failure analysis, high strain rate material mechanics, and the performance of copper and copper alloys in extreme mechanical/chemical environments.

Complex Failure Analysis

Over the years, Dr. Stevenson’s ability to deliver high quality, critical business insights have made him a trusted adviser for complex, multidisciplinary failure investigations involving biomedical devices, industrial and consumer products, large machinery, power generation, structural failures, and all modes of transportation. Dr. Stevenson has provided testimony in matters pending before both state and federal court.

Dr. Stevenson earned his Ph.D. in Metallurgical Engineering from the University of Alabama and is a licensed Professional Engineer (P.E.) in 11 states.  Well-regarded by his peers, he currently serves as Editor-in-Chief of ASM International’s Journal of Failure Analysis and Prevention and a member of the Industrial Advisory Board for the Departments of Metallurgical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics at the University of Alabama. Dr. Stevenson is also a sought-after lecturer, and has presented at numerous industry and technical forums, and published over 300 technical reports and papers.


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  • See CV for further publications

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