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ESi Presents at 28th Annual ISOES Conference

June 30, 2016. ESi was well‐represented at the 28th Annual Occupational Ergonomics and Safety Conference in Chicago, Illinois – a leading international forum for practitioners and researchers involved in the design and analysis of safe human work systems. This year's lineup of speakers included ESi consultants presenting on a range of important safety topics, including:

Automatic Sliding Door Sensor Safety Analysis

Authored by Dennis Brickman, Julius Roberts and Charles Fox
ESi Principal Dennis Brickman and Staff Consultant Julius Roberts presented findings related to an incident involving an automatic sliding door that closed on a pedestrian and caused injury. An accident reconstruction revealed a number of contributing factors, including sensor blind zones, failure to install photoelectric beams at the threshold, lack of adherence to manufacturer specifications for system configuration, poor sensor adjustment, and failure of the presence sensor to detect black clothing.

Beach Rental Elevator Child Entrapment Safety Analysis

Authored by Dennis Brickman, Thomas Bajzek, Erick Knox, Charles Fox, Jay Lueck and John Petersen
ESi Principal Dennis Brickman and ESi Principal and Director of Biomechanics & Engineering Erick Knox presented findings related to an incident involving a beach rental elevator, which entrapped a ten‐year‐old child, resulting in traumatic brain injury, multiple fractures and lacerations, and significant bruising on the chest and shoulders. An accident reconstruction revealed that the elevator control circuit allowed the elevator car to move while the accordion door was open, creating a crushing hazard. The elevator was also the subject of a
WAGA Fox 5 I‐Team news investigation on the dangers of residential home elevators.

Shelving Cart Design and Manufacturing Safety Analysis

Authored by Dennis Brickman, Gary Novak, Charles Fox, Jay Lueck and Scott Karlins
ESi Principal Dennis Brickman presented findings related to an incident involving a shelving cart, which fell and hit a retail store employee on the head. A deviation analysis revealed several manufacturing defects in the subject‐shelving cart, which resulted in dimensions that exceeded the tolerance levels specified for the cart. Additionally, when in the vertical stowage position, the top shelf of the cart could present a false latch condition and fall unexpectedly on the cart user.

All papers were published as part of the conference proceedings. Mr. Brickman and Dr. Knox also served as chairs of the Case Studies and Applications conference sessions. To find out more about these other presentations by ESi consultants, email Dennis Brickman at

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