ESi Presents: Plastics Failure Analysis Workshop & Prevention Seminars

A Unique Series Of Seminars That Highlight The Principles Of Failure Analysis And Failure Prevention In Plastic Products.

August 3rd-7th, 2020

These seminars will benefit plastics designers, engineers, chemists, technicians, R&D staff, and managers who are involved in plastic design, production, quality control, or quality assurance functions. Understand how to determine the cause of fracture of plastic products through analysis of the fractured part. Analyze failure of plastic products through testing and how to prevent failures through quality control/testing and through the application of proper stress analysis and design methods. Attendees are encouraged to bring questions and samples from actual experience for discussion and review. Attendees of the August 3rd-4th Plastics Fracture Analysis Workshop & Seminar will receive a complimentary copy of ‘Fractography in Failure Analysis of Polymers’.


Registration fees cover seminar enrollment, a copy of the textbook ‘Fractography in Failure Analysis of Polymers’ (available only for attendees of the August 3rd-4th Plastics Fracture Analysis Workshop & Seminar), lunch daily, refreshment breaks, and all handout materials. It does not cover transportation, housing, or incidental expenses.

To register, please email Paula Pagan. 


The seminar hours are as follows:

Departures should be scheduled to allow for this 5:00 pm ending time.


4215 Campus Drive
Aurora, IL 60504
(630) 851-4566



Andy Shah, M.S., M.B.A., P.E.

Dale Edwards, P.E.

Donald E. Duvall, Ph.D., P.E.

Pierce Umberger, Ph.D., P.E.



The full registration fee, minus a $50 service charge, will be refunded only if notice of cancellation is received 7 or more days prior to the beginning of that particular seminar. If notice is given by telephone, a written request for the refund must follow immediately thereafter. Registrant substitutions may be made any time prior to the start of the seminar. If a registrant cannot cancel within the cancellation timeframe, the registration fee will be held and applied toward future seminar dates.

ESi reserves the right to cancel a seminar or substitute instructors. If a seminar is cancelled, the attendee will be contacted as soon as possible prior to the seminar. It is recommended that a refundable airline ticket be purchased. ESi is not responsible for penalty fees or any costs incurred by the attendee due to the cancellation of a seminar.



For questions or to register for the seminar, please contact Paula Pagan at or 630-851-4566. 


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