Pierce D. Umberger

Pierce D. Umberger, Ph.D., P.E.



Applied Mechanics

Dr. Pierce Umberger is a Principal and Director of Applied Mechanics with Engineering Systems Inc. (ESi). His background includes mechanical engineering and materials science, with expertise in applied mechanics, stress analysis, fatigue and fracture mechanics, finite element analysis (FEA), as well as characterization and analysis of polymers, metals, and composite materials. In addition to his analytical background, Dr. Umberger has experience in instrumentation and testing, including data acquisition and development of custom fixture and test designs. 

Dr. Umberger has broad experience in analysis of complex, multidisciplinary failures involving mechanical components and systems in the automotive, rail, aviation, consumer products, construction, and building products industries. His investigative background includes consumer products, automotive, truck, and rail mechanical systems, vehicle dynamics, exercise and recreational equipment, as well as medical devices.  

At ESi, Dr. Umberger applies his expertise to a wide range of investigative scenarios including accident reconstruction, product and premises liability litigation, recall campaigns, and mechanical and materials design consulting. Dr. Umberger is experienced in leveraging ESi’s broad range of technical and consulting capabilities to perform large scale complex failure investigations across a broad range of industries. 

Prior to joining ESi, Dr. Umberger conducted research including numerical and analytical modeling as well as mechanical testing with both the Virginia Tech Materials Response Group (MRG), as well as the U.S. Army Research Lab (ARL). 


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