Torrence D. J. Welch

Torrence D. J. Welch, Ph.D.

Senior Managing Consultant

Dr. Welch holds a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering awarded jointly by the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) School of Engineering and the Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, GA.  His areas of expertise include the biomechanics of human injury, vehicle accident reconstruction, slip-and-fall events, occupational injury, reactive muscle activity, and human balance control and stability. Dr. Welch has offered expert testimony in the fields of accident reconstruction and injury biomechanics in Federal, State, and local Courts throughout the United States.

Dr. Welch has over 20 years of biomechanics research experience, studying human movement on multiple levels.

  • Injury – the forces present on the body during automotive collisions; mechanics – the effects of forces on the bony and soft tissues underlying human movement;
  • Coordination – the activation of muscles in functional groups called muscle synergies;
  • Control – the mechanisms used by the nervous system to control standing balance and to learn new balance tasks;
  • Performance – the effects of supplements on sport and exercise performance

He also has experience in human motion and gait analysis; electromyography (EMG); the computer modeling of biomechanical systems; the mechanical, biochemical, and ultrasound characterization of biological soft tissue; biomedical ultrasound imaging; and statistical and wavelet analysis. Dr. Welch performs biomechanical analyses for cases involving automotive collisions, slip/trip and fall events, falling objects, occupational injury, and other incidents leading to human injury. He performs vehicle accident reconstruction analyses for collisions involving single vehicles, multiple vehicles, and pedestrians. Dr. Welch is published in numerous publications on topics related to automotive collision-related injury and human standing balance control, and actively maintains collaborative research relationships with several academic institutions.


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  • See CV for further publications

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