Jeffrey L. McDougall

Jeffrey L. McDougall, P.E.

Senior Consultant

Mr. McDougall is a Senior Consultant with Engineering Systems Inc. (ESi), with over twenty-five years of experience in failure analysis, metallurgy, and fractography.  As a licensed metallurgical engineer with industrial and consulting experience, Mr. McDougall has evaluated metallurgical issues involving components from industries including aerospace, automotive, boat/marine, rail, power generation, medical, mining, plumbing, construction, firearms, and HVAC.

Since the beginning of his career, Mr. McDougall has been evaluating fractures and components utilizing optical microscopy, scanning electron microscopy (SEM), and energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS).  He spends the majority of his time verifying failure modes such as ductile or brittle overstress, fatigue, corrosion, wear, and creep in conjunction with metallographic evaluation in order to verify microstructure and heat treatment on a wide variety of materials including carbon, stainless, and tool steel alloys, cast iron, aluminum alloys, copper alloys, titanium alloys, and superalloys.


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  • See CV for further publications

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