Jean H. Slane

Jean H. Slane, Ph.D., P.E.

Senior Consultant

Dr. Jean Slane has over 20 years of aircraft accident investigation and reconstruction experience. Other areas of expertise include aircraft performance analysis, flight testing, simulation, ice accretion and anti-icing system analysis, flight data recorder (FDR) analysis, and sound spectral analysis of cockpit voice recorders (CVRs).

She developed ESi's industry leading software to reconstruct aircraft parameters from radar and GPS data and has published seven papers on the topic. She has produced mathematical models for flight simulators including the Airbus A320, McDonnell Douglas KC10, Beechcraft 1900D, Lockheed C-130J, and the Cessna 172. For accident investigation, she creates high fidelity aircraft models using ESI-j2 Recon, for physics-based 3D aircraft simulations.

Dr. Slane has used her simulation and modeling expertise in a variety of non-aviation fields. She has designed or used simulators for an industrial crane experiencing high wind loading, oil rigs set adrift in the ocean, and a cargo ship and oil barge that collided in the Gulf of Mexico.




  • A New Method of Flight Path Reconstruction Using the j2 Universal Tool-kit, 2016 AIAA Modeling and Simulation Technologies Conference, January 2016
  • Trajectory Analysis of Free-Floating Objects: A Drift Prediction Model, SNAME 2013 Annual Meeting, November 2013
  • Stability and Control of Tethered Satellite Formations, AIAA/AAS-2012-4658, August 2012
  • Analysis of Periodic Nonautonomous, Inhomogeneous Systems, Nonlinear Dynamics and Systems Theory, An International Journal of Research and Surveys, November 2011
  • Smoothing CDR Radar Data, ISASI Forum, September 2010
  • Analysis of Periodic Nonautonamous, Imhogeneous Systems, Dissertation, University of Colorado, January 2010
  • Stability Analysis for a Nonautonomous, Imhomogeneous System with Applicaion to Tethered Satellite Formations, AIAA-2009-6186, August 2009
  • Using GPS and Accelerometer Data to Reconstruct Aircraft Flight Parameters, AIAA-2008-0431, August 2008
  • Analysis of a Hoverwing in Ground Effect, AIAA-2008-0431, January 2008
  • Using GPS-based Data Acquisition to Evaluate Vehicle and Driver Performance, AIAA-2008-1146, January 2008
  • See CV for further publications

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