New Orleans Super Dome

ESi was called into action on behalf of the New Orleans NFL football franchise, the Saints. The ownership of the team requested ESi to assess the structural, mechanical, and electrical elements of the Super Dome after Hurricane Katrina. ESi was tasked with the investigation of determining the scope and feasibility of repairs, and estimating the time of construction. Time was of the essence for the New Orleans Saints to determine where they were going to play football the following season.

Shortly after the authorities released the building, ESi sent a team of engineers and technicians to the Super Dome. A work site and temporary office was set-up in the parking lot, complete with an RV outfitted with computers and communication equipment. Over a five-day period, ESi inspected, documented, and photographed the extent of damages, including the extensive vandalism, which occurred from the ensuing mayhem of the stranded refugees.

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