Meet us at the ICPHSO 2023 Annual Meeting and Training Symposium
February 20-23, 2023
Orlando, FL



Lithium-ion Battery Supply Chain: Product Safety Concerns and Quality Battery Procurement
Panelist: Jonathan G. Jordan, P.E., CFEI

This interactive session will address lithium-ion battery supply shortages from top-tier battery manufacturers. Shortages have placed many product manufacturers in a position of ceasing production of battery powered products or procuring lower quality or unknown quality batteries to power their products. Participants will join the conversation about how utilizing batteries of lesser- or unknown quality affects product safety. The dialog will progress into how product manufacturers can evaluate the quality and safety of battery cells, battery cell design safety, battery cell manufacturing quality control processes, and how product manufacturers can ultimately select battery manufacturers to supply their products.

Consumer / Commercial Robots & USB Type-C Safety
Panelist: Tal R. Nagourney, Ph.D., P.E., CFEI

Robots are increasingly being used in environments where they are exposed to the general public, whether it be in a shopping mall, a grocery store, a restaurant, an airport, or in the home. This raises concerns about whether these commercial & consumer robots can be trusted to operate safely around people. Vulnerable groups such as children and elderly must be considered or even conditions when no human is present, having a robot in a home or workplace can increase risk. As a result, standards have been written to define how these robots are to be assessed in terms of construction, materials, design, and testing to substantially reduce risk and increase public safety. In this presentation, we will introduce these safety standards, including the new UL 3300, the standard for Service, Communication, Information, Education, and Entertainment Robots.

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