Leah M. Ginsberg

Leah M. Ginsberg, Ph.D.

Senior Staff Consultant

Dr. Leah Ginsberg is a Senior Staff Consultant with Engineering Systems Inc. (ESi) with expertise in the analysis and investigation of failures including piping systems, valves, and bolted connections. Dr. Ginsberg applies her background in mechanical engineering and materials science and her proficiency in utilizing applied mechanics, experimental techniques, and computational modeling to understand the relationship between structures and constitutive material properties.

In her recent work, Dr. Ginsberg has focused on studying and mitigating fatigue failures in various industrial applications. She has conducted extensive research on the fatigue and fracture of threaded fasteners and presented her work on this topic at technical meetings with other experts in the field of experimental and applied mechanics. Her insights into the behavior of bolted connections have been instrumental in identifying design flaws, optimizing structural integrity, and recommending preventive measures.

Some of Dr. Ginsberg’s latest research involves exploring fatigue and fracture mechanics in buried pipelines. These investigations focus on behavior and failure modes of pipelines under different operating conditions, environmental factors, and external loads. By employing advanced analytical techniques and considering factors such as corrosion, material properties, and soil interactions, she aims to enhance the integrity and longevity of buried pipeline systems.

Prior to joining ESi, Dr. Ginsberg worked in the aerospace industry for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Boeing Commercial Airplanes. While at NASA, she assembled a ground station for radio communication with small satellites (CubeSats). At Boeing, she developed and documented the finite-element model to be used in bird strike analyses. She also studied fastener mechanics and the mechanical behavior of composites and honeycomb structures in aircraft


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