Eric S. Winkel

Eric S. Winkel, Ph.D., P.E., CFEI, CVFI

Senior Managing Consultant

Dr. Eric Winkel has 17 years of experience as a forensic consultant specializing in maritime matters. He has particular expertise in marine accident investigation and reconstruction, vessel and component design analysis, intellectual property matters, and has worked with a variety of other automotive and recreational products. Dr. Winkel has performed hundreds of accident investigations and accident reconstructions involving watercraft ranging from personal watercraft to large commercial vessels. He has extensive experience designing and executing experimental research to evaluate full-vehicle/vessel, system-level, and component-level performance on everything from watercraft to motorcycles to passenger vehicles.

Dr. Winkel also has expertise and experience in fluid mechanics, acoustics, dynamics and vibrations, structural analysis, and fracture mechanics along with other mechanical and marine engineering disciplines.  He is a NAFI-certified fire investigator and has conducted numerous investigations of fire and explosion events.  


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