Airton G. Kohls

Airton G. Kohls, Ph.D.

Senior Consultant

Dr. Kohls is a Senior Consultant at ESi specializing in Civil Engineering. He is also a Research Associate at the University of Tennessee Center for Transportation Research (CTR) where he is the director of the Traffic Signal Academy, a continuing education program. Dr. Kohls earned his Ph. D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering researching adaptive traffic signal control. He serves as an Adjunct Professor instructing undergraduate and graduate level courses, including Transportation Engineering I and Traffic Engineering Operations. Dr. Kohls has served as the Principal Investigator for several projects funded by US Department of Transportation and the Tennessee Department of Transportation. He has collaborated on projects with the US Department of Energy and Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Dr. Kohls worked for over 10 years in Brazil as a Transportation Engineer for the city of Santa Cruz do Sul. He was responsible for the planning, operation and maintenance of traffic signals, transit and taxi operations, inspection of infrastructure projects, sewage systems and the construction of schools, sport facilities and marketplaces for the city. Dr. Kohls worked alongside city council members in developing legislation on requirements for parking spaces, zoning, and historic preservations of buildings.

Dr. Kohls is an accomplished researcher and dedicated Professor. He is a leader in the arena of Traffic Signal Control continuing education, being listed in the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Arterial Management Program as a source of training.


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