Gary R. Rogers

Gary R. Rogers, M.S.M.E., P.E.



Commercial Vehicles

As a Principal, Gary Rogers is a technical taskmaster with a deep understanding of how things work and the complex relationship between design, performance and operator use in real-world situations.  Whether he’s investigating a vehicle accident, evaluating a product defect, or assessing the structural integrity and safety of machinery, Mr. Rogers brings sought after technical expertise and a comprehensive approach that have made him a “go-to” resource for clients in a range of industries, including construction, transportation, manufacturing and telecommunication.

A seasoned veteran, Mr. Rogers’ career spans several decades and includes technical leadership roles with Fortune 500 companies as well as telecom, aerospace and engineering firms.  Throughout this time, Mr. Rogers has maintained a strong track record of delivering results that meet or exceed the exacting needs of his clients.  

Accident Reconstruction

Mr. Rogers has an extensive background investigating transportation accidents, with a strong focus on dynamic analysis and testing of commercial trucks and vehicles.  His role as Vehicle Safety Integration Engineer for General Motors provided him with a deep understanding of vehicle manufacturing practices in areas such as body structure design, vehicle structural integrity, NVH, durability, crashworthiness and occupant protection – knowledge which often proves invaluable when investigating an accident or assessing compliance with NHTSA regulations. 

Additionally, Mr. Rogers has managed an analysis group responsible for predicting structural and crash performance of commercial aircraft seating and assessing compliance with FAA and federal regulations.

Equipment and Machinery

One of Mr. Rogers’ specialties is the design of machines and their guarding systems. He has conducted numerous investigations and failure analyses into issues involving industrial, manufacturing, mining, and agricultural equipment, as well as rental equipment used for construction, excavation and forestry activities. Mr. Rogers has also directed a R&D group responsible for simulating fiber optic cabling processes and developing next generation fiber optic equipment and processes.

Product Liability & Manufacturing
Mr. Rogers has investigated multiple warranty return issues between OEM's and their suppliers, as well as between supplier tiers.  His expertise ranges from product specification and design to performance analysis, and includes organization and management of the team charged with the product investigation. 

Mr. Rogers also holds a degree in agriculture and has significant experience in agricultural equipment and practices. 


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