Andrew W. Johnson

Andrew W. Johnson, P.E., S.E.


Senior Director

Civil, Structural, Environmental

Andrew W. Johnson is a Principal and Director of the Civil and Structural Engineering Practice Group with Engineering Systems Inc. (ESi). He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering with a focus on Structural Engineering from the University of South Florida in 2004.

Mr. Johnson’s experience includes a broad range of buildings, including high and low-rise multi-family, office, institutional, correctional and education facilities. He is experienced in various cladding systems, including Portland cement plaster (stucco), EIFS, masonry (brick and CMU), composite metal panels, glazed aluminum curtain wall and window systems, and fiber cement siding systems. Mr. Johnson also works with existing and new design of various roofing systems.

His investigations include evaluation after natural disasters, such as hurricanes, tornadoes and hailstorms, as well as installation and construction defect evaluations. He has experience in multiple roofing systems, including single-ply, multi-ply, and metal roofing. Mr. Johnson’s investigations have involved the assessment of deterioration, distress and water infiltration through building envelopes.

In addition to specializing in structural building design and inspections, Mr. Johnson also specializes in the inspection and analysis of both coastal and inland marine structures. Some of the areas Mr. Johnson specializes in this regard are seawalls, bulkheads, marinas, docks and piers, both fixed and moveable, relieving platforms and wave attenuator systems. Mr. Johnson has inspected inland and coastal structures in New York, Rhode Island, North Carolina, Florida, Alaska, Tennessee, Texas the Bahamas and St. Kitts and Nevis.

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