Joel D. Hassebrock

Joel D. Hassebrock, M.B.A., P.E.

Senior Staff Consultant

Mr. Joel Hassebrock is a mechanical and metallurgical engineer who specializes in failure analysis, metallurgical analysis, and materials testing. The scope of Mr. Hassebrock’s projects includes failure analyses of cracked, broken, or corroded components including rail, fasteners, track components, railcar components, heat exchanger tubes, axles and shafts, welds, springs, impellers, and tools, just to name a few. Mr. Hassebrock’s experience includes performing accelerated life testing, fatigue testing, product evaluation, onsite third party quality assurance, onsite installation and repairs of track deflection measurement systems. He helped develop, implement and maintain procedures to ensure ISO 17025 accreditation compliance.

Mr. Hassebrock provides engineering support for projects requiring metallurgical failure analysis, laboratory and industrial testing, mechanical testing, instrumented testing, field testing, data acquisition and processing, and test fixture design and fabrication.  Of particular note is Mr. Hassebrock’s experience using the following laboratory test equipment: scanning electron microscope (SEM), hardness testing (micro, Brinell, and Rockwell), metallographic sample preparation equipment, universal servo-hydraulic tensile testing machines, and glow discharge and optical emission spectrometers.  Mr. Hassebrock serves as the artifact manager for the Omaha, Nebraska office and as a member of the ESi safety committee.


  • Failure Analysis of Railroad Components, ASM Handbook, Volume 11A: Analysis and Prevention of Component and Equipment Failures, December 2021
  • Fracture of Hex Bars During Manufacture, Journal of Failure Analysis and Prevention, August 2016
  • A Review of Recent Heavy Haul Wheel and Bearing Failures on North American Freight Railroads, International Wheelset Congress (IWC), June 2023

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