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Remote Inspections and Data Analysis​ - Michael E. Stevenson, Ph.D., P.E. & Charles A. Fox, Ph.D.

As communities come together to respond to the challenges of the current environment, we’re implementing new ways of doing things, leveraging technology to stay connected and operate more safely and effectively.  Whether your claim involves component issues, faulty products, or other types of failures, this webinar will provide you with the tools to help ensure a quality inspection and avoid potential mishandling or misrepresentations during the analysis.


Fatigue Failures - Ronald J. Parrington, P.E., FASM
When components fracture, fatigue is often the reason. But how can you tell if you have a fatigue failure? In this presentation, Ronald J. Parrington, P.E., FASM walks you through the definition and types of fatigue, how to design and test for fatigue, and common fractographic features in fatigue failures. To help bring these concepts to life, Ron will share case studies and images showing a variety of fatigue failures. This one-hour seminar is a condensed version of the Fatigue Failures lesson included in ASM International’s popular course, “Principles of Failure Analysis”.


Frozen in Time: Use of Data & Testing to Understand the Mechanics of a Cryogenic Loss - Christopher J. Brand, P.E.
Modern machines are often data-driven, recording and using vast amounts of data. Attendees will learn methods for testing and validating this data in the context of a failure investigation, using sound scientific methods and principles. A case study involving the failure of a cryogenic freezer which resulted in the loss of biologic material will be presented. The validity of the data captured by the freezer was critical to determining liability. Attendees will better understand the use of data and testing methodologies in claims or litigation.


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