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Purchase the American Industrial Hygiene Association webinar hosted by ESi Senior Consultant Susan Evans, CIH, CSP, P.E. Susan has over 28+ years of experience in industrial hygiene, environmental health and safety evaluations, and compliance efforts, and will walk you step-by-step through a systematic process for investigating and analyzing an odor complaint and interpreting sampling results.

That Stinks!  Investigating Odor Complaints

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This webinar presents information for industrial hygienists on the process of evaluating spaces for odors.  On occasion, the industrial hygienist is asked to find the source of a localized, transitory or wide-spread odor in a facility. Most industrial hygienists have their go-to list of how to evaluate for the odors. While many odors fit typical categories that industrial hygienists evaluate for, other odors are outside the typical – and the industrial hygienist is left with a space with an odor and uncertainty of how to proceed. This webinar outlines a systematic process of how to evaluate the odors from collecting subjective and objective information, evaluating site conditions for potential sources, determining whether sampling is appropriate (and what to sample), appropriate controls, and interpreting results. As part of the investigation process presentation, a discussion of odor thresholds will be included.

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