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WEBINAR: The Use and Non-Use of Safety Equipment

This course has been approved for one hour of standard Continuing Legal Education in the following states:  Minnesota, Wisconsin, Indiana.

This course will educate the attendee to the advantages and limitations of safety equipment in the realm of litigation.  It will show how experts, such as biomechanical engineers and other investigators, evaluate incidents where safety equipment was, or was not used but should have been.  Case examples involving the use and non-use of safety equipment, provide detailed explanations on how to successfully use biomechanical principles and investigative data to close a legal claim.   

André Loyd, Ph.D. is an expert biomechanical specialist. He has more than 17 years of experience in the field of biomechanics. He provides injury reconstruction analysis for pedestrian injuries, slip and fall incidents, industrial accidents and helmet effectiveness. Dr. Loyd has particular expertise in pediatric and adult head injury, neck laceration, helmets, neck injury, bone fracture and lacerations.

André earned a doctorate from the Injury Biomechanics Laboratory at Duke University and completed a post-doctorate fellowship through the Orthopedic Biomechanics Laboratory at the Mayo Clinic.

Registration is complimentary for all to attend.


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