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New Fuel Gas Odorant Composition Analysis Program

ESi is pleased to announce the launch of a new Fuel Gas Odorant Composition Analysis program performed by our full-service chemistry lab in Seattle, Washington.

Local and manufacturing requirements mandate that odorants – like ethyl mercaptans -- be added to fuel gases to alert operators and other users when there is a potential leak. Because these gases are colorless, odorless, and highly combustible, the sulfur-like smell of the ethyl mercaptans is an important safety measure that enables detection at concentrations below the explosive range.

Specific fuel gas testing services now offered by ESi include:

  • Ethyl mercaptan and total sulfur levels
  • Total hydrocarbon composition analysis
  • Further analysis using gas chromatography with mass spectrometry (upon request)

“ESi consultants provides on-site sampling services. We also offer sampling kits and shipping assistance to save clients time and effort in the field,” said Lauren Munday, M.S., lead chemist and manager for the new program. “The sampling kits include all of the commonly used valves, tools, and cylinders needed for test collection. And ESi staff are available to help ensure that samples are packed and shipped pursuant to regulations.”

Samples can also be dropped off at select ESi offices. Current locations include: Aurora, IL; Charlotte, NC; Conroe, TX; Dallas, TX; Norcross, GA; Plymouth, MN and Seattle, WA.

“Our purpose-built, state-of-the-art instrumentation aligns with ASTM D6228 standards, and is fine-tuned and tested to ensure the proper identification and concentration of odorants,” said Munday. “These services can be used either as part of a periodic sampling and testing program, or during an investigation into a particular issue or incident.”

If more analysis is needed, this new service is fully backed by qualified analytical chemists who can perform specialized research and analysis from one of several well-equipped forensic chemistry labs located at different offices around the country.

To find out more about our services in this area, click here.

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