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ESi Names Four New Principals

The Engineering Systems Inc. (ESi) Board of Directors recently named four new company Principals, Anand Shah, M.S., M.B.A., P.E., Richard Baron, Ph.D., P.E., Kimberly Cameron, Ph.D., P.E., and Steve Morris, Ph.D., P.E. These promotions are an important step in ESi’s continuing drive to elevate key leadership talent as the company continues to grow and expand into new markets. “Andy, Rick, Kim, and Steve have established a record of leadership and technical achievements here at ESi and in their respective fields,” said Michael E. Stevenson, ESi President and CEO. “They will be assets to our already strong team and will bring fresh perspectives and ideas for delivering new capabilities and a differentiating service experience to clients.”

Andy Shah pairs strong business and analytical acumen with 20+ years of highly regarded technical experience investigating the performance and failure of products made from plastics, composites, and elastomeric materials. His projects extend across the full range of use cases for these materials, including plumbing, transportation, construction, electronics, oil and gas, chemical processing, paints/coatings/adhesives, and medical/consumer products. At ESi, Mr. Shah leads our growing Polymeric, Composite & Non-Metallic Materials practice, and has been instrumental in building and enhancing ESi’s reputation and market presence in key industry segments.

Dr. Rick Baron brings to his new role deep technical knowledge and a wealth of hands-on experience in materials failure investigation and analysis. His work experience spans multiple areas, including aviation, HVAC, automotive, commercial products, electronic components, complex mechanical assemblies, and water distribution systems. Since joining ESi, Dr. Baron has provided outstanding technical operational leadership by driving collaboration and implementing key corporate policies. As Manager of Dallas Operations, Dr. Baron leads a diverse team that consistently works hard to produce exceptional wok product while always keeping the needs of our clients front and center.

Dr. Kim Cameron is an accomplished mechanics and materials engineer whose strong credentials are backed by experience and expertise gained working on hundreds of complex problems across a broad range of areas – including medical devices, pipeline systems, electronics, industrial machinery, power plant components, consumer products, pressure vessels, and vehicle components and structures. At ESi, Dr. Cameron’s extensive technical know-how, real world understanding of the industries she serves, and sharp focus on quality execution have helped distinguish ESi as a “go-to” partner for numerous high-profile projects. She is also a patent agent with extensive experience in intellectual property disputes and a solid understanding of the intellectual property rights (IPR) process.

Dr. Steve Morris is a veteran of the aviation industry with 40+ of experience in aeronautical and mechanical engineering analysis, including over two decades serving as an officer in the U.S. Air Force and teaching courses at the U.S. Air Force Academy Department of Aeronautics. His expertise includes flight dynamics, flight simulation, aircraft performance analyses, aircraft stability and control, automatic control systems, accident investigation, aerodynamics, and thermodynamics. As Manager of Colorado Operations, Dr. Morris has consistently proven to be an exceptional and effective leader – a strategic thinker with a track record of excellence in operations and service to clients.

Each of these individuals has made substantial contributions, year over year, toward the execution of our strategy and the development of key resources for our clients. These appointments are well-deserved and we’re incredibly excited about their potential as members of our firm’s core leadership team,” said Chief Operations Officer Will Pinkston. “Their appointments enhance our technical leadership and reinforce our ability to capitalize on the opportunities in front of us. We look forward to their contributions as we continue to build our culture and company.”

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