Timothy W. Athan

Timothy W. Athan, Ph.D., P.E.

Senior Consultant

Dr. Athan investigates incidents pertaining to product performance with an emphasis on software behavior.  His decades of work experience have spanned automotive, aerospace and power generation.  He also has substantial governmental regulatory experience.

Dr. Athan’s experience with control systems and software development enable him to evaluate the role software played in an incident.  One important aspect of software performance is the computer interface that humans use to interact with the software.  Dr. Athan can analyze how the software can affect product safety and robustness.

Dr. Athan’s experience in design optimization, dynamic system simulation, and test methods, (design of experiments, engineering statistics, and data analysis) are directly applicable to product development programs.


  • Software Failure: Different Than Hardware Failure, Western Loss Association, July 2015
  • Flight Plan Improvements Ahead, PE Magazine, November 2007
  • Multicriteria Optimization of Anti-lock Braking system Control Algorithms, Engineering Optimization, January 1996
  • A Note on Weighted Criteria Methods for Compromise Solution in Multi-Objective Optimization, Engineering Optimization, January 1995

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