Suzanne F. Uchneat

Suzanne F. Uchneat, P.E.

Senior Consultant

Suzanne Uchneat is a Senior Consultant with over a decade of experience in documentation, investigation, and analysis of complex failures. She is a professionally licensed mechanical engineer who specializes in the study of mechanical behavior of materials in relation to structure, properties, and performance. Her technical expertise includes fatigue and fracture, corrosion, environmental degradation of materials, laboratory testing, fractography, materials characterization, inspections, and data analysis.

During her career at ESi, Ms. Uchneat has served in project management and technical roles in complex, multidisciplinary failure investigations involving components and systems across a wide variety of industries. She has managed investigations involving aerospace, automotive, marine, rail, power distribution, medical, plumbing, construction, and recreational products industries as well as intellectual property matters.



  • An Overview of Aircraft Accident Investigation and Component Failures, ASM Handbook, Volume 11A: Analysis and Prevention of Component and Equipment Failures, August 2021
  • Fracture Appearance and Mechanisms of Deformation and Fracture, ASM International Handbook, Volume 11, 2021 Edition, April 2021
  • Failure Analysis of a Fractured Saw Blade Carbide Tip, Journal of Failure Analysis and Prevention, Manuscript ID JFAP-19-06-2230.R1, December 2019
  • Case Study: Analysis of Corrosion Patterns to Evaluate the Pre-Accident Configuration of an ATV Tie Rod End Connection, ASM Journal of Failure Analysis and Prevention, August 2016

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