Stephany I. Mason

Stephany I. Mason, Ph.D.

Senior Consultant

Dr. Mason is a Senior Consultant with Engineering Systems Inc. (ESi). She is experienced in indoor air and environmental quality assessment and improvement, construction product chemistry and sustainable attributes, and environmental and geochemistry. Dr. Mason brings significant expertise in environmental chemistry and science, with a focus on the planning, evaluation and design of “green” buildings – energy and resource efficient structures that are optimized for the health and safety of occupants while minimizing environmental impacts. An experienced researcher Dr. Mason has a wealth of hands-on laboratory experience, particularly in the development and execution of analytical test methods, reports and processes. She has also provided expert testimony in deposition and at trial regarding chemical exposures in indoor spaces resulting from product emissions.

Prior to joining ESi, Dr. Mason owned and operated her own “green” consulting company, where she helped clients with sustainability planning and analysis, indoor air and environmental quality assessment and improvement, “green” program implementation, and certification management. She has set up laboratories for chemical product testing, environmental geochemistry, and sensor development including the development and launch of new capabilities for testing the isotopes and determining sources of nitrate and dissolved organic carbon in water, and the production of a fluorescence-based sensor to measure levels of carbon dioxide in seawater.

Dr. Mason earned both a Ph.D. in Earth and Environmental Science and an M.Phil. in Geological Sciences from Columbia University. She also holds an M.S.E. (Materials Science and Engineering) degree from the University of Pennsylvania. A dynamic speaker, Stephany has presented at numerous scientific and industry forums, and her work has been published in a variety of peer-reviewed journals and publications.


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  • See CV for further publications

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