Scott A. Nesvold

Scott A. Nesvold, P.E.


Senior Director

Scott Nesvold provides expert consultation in the fields of Structural Engineering and Fire Protection Engineering regarding building design, structural analysis and failure analysis for all building types. In addition, his background in Fire Protection Engineering offers the expertise to evaluate fire protection systems and to analyze the effects of fire and explosions and its impact on structural integrity and life safety. Mr. Nesvold specializes in the assessment of damage to structures and their components following catastrophic events, such as explosions and fire. Rope Access allows him to investigate areas that are difficult to access or heavily damaged.

Mr. Nesvold has an extensive background in rehabilitating historic buildings and bridges. He has applied his experience to the design and retrofit of these culturally significant buildings and worked with fire and life safety codes to design and implement unique solutions to improve life safety and to preserve the historic integrity of the buildings.

Mr. Nesvold has investigated damage to structural components related to conditions ranging from serviceability issues to complete collapse. Conditions have included fire and thermal issues, corrosion and material decay, settlement and earth movement, deflections and creep of materials, as well as cracking and overstress. He has been involved in investigating construction accidents and damage resulting from construction operations.




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