Ronald Pape

Ronald Pape, Ph.D., P.E., CFEI

Senior Managing Consultant

Dr. Ronald Pape has over 43 years of experience in explosion and fire investigations, with emphasis on explosion effects, ignition testing, electrostatic hazards, chemical reaction, particulate flow, multiphase reactive flow modeling, detonation and combustion phenomena, fire modeling, dispersion modeling, hazards analysis, hazards classification, heat transfer, fluid dynamics, and thermodynamics.

At ESi, Dr. Pape has been involved in the investigation of numerous explosions and fires. Investigations have involved gas explosions, dust explosions, incidents in a variety of process plant operations, boiler explosions, and the investigation of incidents in other industrial systems. These have included determining the potential for electrostatic initiation in powder handling operations, liquid hydrocarbon transfer, solvent parts cleaning, electrically isolated filter units in process equipment, and other operations. For certain explosion investigations, air blast and ground shock calculations have been performed. Dr. Pape has also conducted a number of dispersion analyses to predict concentrations of flammable or toxic vapors using computational fluid dynamics and various dispersion models.


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  • See CV for further publications

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