Ritush Pahari

Ritush Pahari, E.I.

Senior Staff Consultant

Ritush Pahari is a Senior Staff Consultant for ESi. Mr. Pahari has professional experience of over 6 years in forensic engineering. He possesses skills in a wide range of engineering services with an extensive knowledge in structural problems and failures. He specializes in performing assessments of the roof systems for residential and commercial structures to the determine the extent of damage that may have resulted from exposure to wind/hail, and subsequently resulted in water intrusion. He has performed post-hurricane structural assessments of residential and commercial structures to determine the damage as a result of major Hurricanes including Hurricane Matthew, Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Michael and Hurricane Ian. He has experience with performing assessments for residential and commercial structures to determine the extent of structural damage that may have resulted from vehicle impact, tree impact, wind and storm surge. He also specializes in performing assessments to determine cause, origin, extent and duration of moisture-related damage to various building components. Additionally, his work has included investigations of construction defects for residential and commercial structures.


Mr. Pahari also has experience with performing floor elevation surveys with the use of a zip level and water level manometer to determine the relative elevation difference of the surfaces in a structure. He has been involved with acquisition of field data, research and review of forensic documents. In addition, he has experience with performing hand auger borings, foundation test pit excavations and collection of data for sub-surface conditions.  

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