Reidel Diaz Rodriguez

Reidel Diaz Rodriguez, P.E., CEA

Senior Staff Consultant

Mr. Diaz is an electrical engineer with extensive experience in control systems, sensors and actuators, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), software programming, advanced process control, industrial communication networks, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA).  He has been involved in technical investigations in numerous industries including power plants, water-treatment facilities, industrial centrifugal separators, plastic molding manufacturing, commercial air conditioning systems, district chilled water loop and utilities plants.

He is an effective consultant on complex projects due to a solid and diverse background in electrical engineering, installation, commissioning, project management and workplace safety.  Mr. Diaz has successfully applied these core strengths in fault detection and diagnostics (FDD), data collection and root cause analysis for plant and/or equipment failures. He had sole responsibility for control panel design, wiring, programming, and start-up in several process applications, including selection of components, and ladder logic programming.


  • Investigation of efficiency models in EnergyPlus and AMCA standard 207 for induction motors powered by variable frequency drives, Energy and Buildings, Volume 196, January 2019
  • Control system design of fuel oil temperature in the purification system of HYUNDAI engine power plants groups, VIII International Congress on Innovation and Technological Development, November 2010

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