Pratik P. Bhatt

Pratik P. Bhatt, Ph.D.

Senior Staff Consultant

Dr. Pratik Bhatt is a Senior Staff Consultant at Engineering Systems Inc. (ESi). He specializes in advanced structural analysis and forensic examination of structures compromised by natural or manmade hazards. His work focuses on detailed scientific investigation, thorough field inspection, and uncovering root-cause of failures in a wide range of structural systems. As a forensic structural engineer, Dr. Bhatt has experience in application of international building codes (IBC, ASCE, ACI, AISC, & ASTM) to design effective repair and retrofit solutions for compromised structures, using traditional and composite materials.

Dr. Bhatt has a strong background in engineering mechanics, strength of materials, and nonlinear finite element based computational modeling which is complemented by his proficiency in industry-standard software and programming languages. In addition to his analytical background, Dr. Bhatt has extensive experience in utilizing state-of-the-art laboratory equipment as well as developing and executing cutting-edge testing techniques for characterizing behavior of structures and materials under extreme conditions, such as fire and blasts. He also has expertise in implementing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) for developing tools for predicting fire resistance concrete structures. Dr. Bhatt has published several articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals, conferences, and books from his doctoral research which was aimed at developing a fundamental understanding of the thermo-mechanical response of fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP)-strengthened concrete flexural members under fire exposure.


  • Methodologies for Evaluating FRP-Concrete Interfacial Bond Strength at Elevated Temperatures, Fiber Reinforced Polymeric Materials and Sustainable Structures, 19-31, January 2023
  • Fire Resistance Evaluation of Concrete Beams and Slabs Incorporating Natural Fiber-Reinforced Polymers, Polymers, 15 (3), 755, January 2023
  • Fire hazard in Tunnels: Review, Assessment, and Mitigation strategies, The Indian Concrete Journal, Special Issue, 96(3), 13-25, January 2022
  • Deep Neural Network to Predict Fire Resistance of FRP-Strengthened Beams, The Concrete Industry in the Era of Artificial Intelligence, SP-350, American Concrete Institute, 69-80, January 2021
  • Performance of Insulated FRP-strengthened Concrete Flexural Members under Fire Conditions, Frontiers of Structural and Civil Engineering, 15, 177-193, January 2020
  • See CV for additional publications

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