Nila Abubakar

Nila Abubakar, P.E.

Senior Consultant

Manager of Georgia Operations

Ms. Nila Abubakar specializes in the analysis, design, construction, inspection and forensic/failure investigations of residential, commercial, water management, industrial and transportation related structures.

Ms. Abubakar has extensive experience in structural evaluation, rehabilitation design and construction management. She has performed bridge engineering damage assessments as well as non-destructive health monitoring on hundreds of structures. Based on her findings, she has provided restorative designs and solutions to mitigate further deterioration, preventing failure. In failed structures, or failed structural components she has performed origin and cause investigations. She has evaluated problems relating to material deficiencies, providing quality control on construction sites while ensuring and enforcing the compliance of appropriate safety standards.

Ms. Abubakar has prepared designs, managed and monitored new construction and rehabilitative projects. She has provided and reviewed construction documents and performed schedule assessments when delays are encountered. She has performed drainage analyses on existing drainage systems and evaluated drainage needs for project sites, proposing drainage systems and solutions when anticipating future water demands.

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