Mark A. Hineman

Mark A. Hineman, P.E., C.W.I.

Senior Consultant

Mark Hineman has been involved in the evaluation of metals for over 41 years. As a Senior Consultant with ESi, he has tested and analyzed a broad range of materials including steel, stainless, copper, aluminum, cobalt, titanium, and nickel alloy systems. Often the testing involves failure analysis of broken products or misapplied processes, coatings, or corrosion. Fractured components have been in the form of castings, forgings, plate, pipe, extrusions, or joints that have been welded, brazed, or bolted.

Mr. Hineman has also evaluated components and systems which were optimized to provide improvements in welding and brazing or to use coatings or other treatments to prevent or minimize corrosive attack. His experience has allowed for remedies to complex situations.


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