Krista B. Klosinski

Krista B. Klosinski, MSME, MScFS

Staff Consultant

Ms. Krista Klosinski participates in motor vehicle, slip and fall investigation, mold investigation, fire and explosion investigation, product testing, and environmental investigation. Ms. Klosinski specializes in aircraft accident investigation and reconstruction, radar data analysis, flight data recorder analysis, GPS data analysis, flight path reconstruction and simulation, and trajectory analysis.

Her forensic science background includes crime scene investigation, trauma analysis, investigation of death and injury, crime lab applications, forensic chemistry and toxicology, and psychosocial aspects of forensic science.


  • A New Method of Flight Path Reconstruction Using the j2 Univeral Tool-kit, 2016 AIAA Modeling and Simulation Technologies Conference, January 2016
  • Applications of X-Ray Fluorescence in Corrosive Drywall Investigations, Materials Science and Technology 2010 Conference and Exhibition, October 2010
  • An Optimal Smoothing Technique for Altitude using Radar Data, 2010 AIAA Modeling and Simulation Technologies Conference, August 2010
  • Smoothing CDR Radar Data, ISASI Forum, September 2010
  • A Comparison Study of GPS Data and CDR Radar Data Using a Fully Instrumented Flight Test, ISASI 40th Annual Seminar, Accident Prevention Beyond Investigations, January 2009
  • Using GPS and Accelerometer Data to Reconstruct Aircraft Flight Parameters, AIAA-2008-7032, August 2008
  • Evaluation of a General Aviation Flight Data Recorder, AIAA 2007-6365, January 2007

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