Kimberly K. Cameron

Kimberly K. Cameron, Ph.D., P.E.


Dr. Kimberly Cameron specializes in design, failure analysis and risk assessments of engineering structures and components. She has conducted hundreds of investigations on a wide variety of engineering structures, from miniature biomedical devices to large-scale process equipment.

Dr. Cameron’s investigations apply the fundamentals of metallurgy, materials science, engineering physics, computational mathematics, and engineering mechanics to help understand and solve complex problems. She has performed design and damage tolerance evaluations on medical devices, pipelines, aircraft structures, industrial machinery, power-plant components, solar panels, consumer products, pressure vessels, and vehicle components.

She also has extensive experience evaluating pipe-soil interactions, mechanical and welded joints, in-line inspection tools, regulatory compliance, and the overall integrity of pipeline systems.

Dr. Cameron is a registered patent agent, with experience in both the patent application process as well as intellectual property disputes. She has experience in biomedical, automotive, electrical, mechanical, and materials science fields and has provided numerous invalidity and infringement reports.


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  • See CV for further publications

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