Keith G. Cline

Keith G. Cline, P.E.

Senior Managing Consultant

Manager of Washington Operations

Mr. Keith Cline is a metallurgical engineer with experience in failure analysis, laboratory testing, consulting, and manufacturing. His failure analysis experience includes metallic, plastic, and composite materials from various applications including structural, transportation, aerospace, industrial, industrial piping, and residential plumbing. He is also experienced in heat-treating of numerous metal alloy systems, corrosion failure mechanisms, welded and mechanically fastened joining, and performance testing of materials and products. Additionally, he has experience with analytical equipment including optical and scanning electron microscopy (SEM), thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) and differential scanning calorimetry (DSC).

Mr. Cline's prior experience includes being responsible for the development of fasteners and fastening systems, as well as the maintenance of process and part specifications for The Boeing Company. Projects included development and qualification of a wing fastening system, design and implementation of repair rivets for fuselage and wing structures, and laboratory fatigue testing of fuselage and wing joint coupons.


  • Pitting Corrosion Failure of AISI Type 304 L Stainless Steel Tubing, MS&T Conference, January 2005
  • Failure Analysis of High Capacity Fork Lift, IMS Conference, January 2004
  • Metallurgical Failure of Titanium Wing Attachments Bolts, Practical Failure Analysis, ASM International, August 2003
  • Sprinkler Piping Corrosion and Degradations, Seattle SFPE, February 2003

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