Julius M. Roberts

Julius M. Roberts, M.S., P.E.

Senior Managing Consultant

Mr. Julius Roberts specializes in automotive accident investigation and reconstruction of recreational, passenger, and commercial vehicles, including heavy truck and semi-trailer air brake systems, along with vehicle dynamics instrumentation, testing, and analysis. His work has special relevance to analyzing commercial vehicle air brake system components for out-of-service criteria according to industry standards and performance testing of vehicles in order to determine its braking capabilities.

Mr. Roberts has expertise in instrumentation, testing and data analysis that he has applied to multiple disciplines and fields including automotive, marine, biomechanics, and mechanical equipment. He has conducted numerous tests involving a wide range of test subjects using data acquisition equipment that captures dynamic performance by measuring motion, speed, and acceleration. Measurements have been performed on both equipment and human participants involving on-road and off-road vehicles, heavy machinery/equipment, rollercoasters, and waterslides. Mr. Roberts has also captured and analyzed biomechanical data pertaining to human subjects on trains, bicycles, walking, running, jumping, and sustaining impacts to the head with various types of objects. His analytical skills assist clients in evaluating competing theories of incident causation.

Mr. Roberts provides visualization services to the client as well. He has extensive training and experience in operating traditional and advanced 3-dimensional surveying equipment used for capturing and preserving accident sites and involved equipment. Mr. Roberts is skilled at collecting meaningful evidence and data that is applied towards accident reconstruction analysis. He is proficient in generating and presenting reconstruction analysis into accurate and factual demonstratives using CAD software. His demonstratives support the client in describing the events of an accident.

Mr. Roberts also manages artifacts for the Michigan office. He has substantial experience with evidence collection, photo documentation, and artifact handling, including transfers of custody.  He is also a registered Professional Engineer (P.E.).


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