Jon van Poppel

Jon van Poppel, M.Sc., P.E.

Senior Consultant

Mr. van Poppel is a Professional Engineer in Mechanical Engineering, with 15 years of experience in automotive restraint systems development and design, and ten years of experience in accident reconstruction. He is a Licensed Professional Engineer (P.E.) in the state of Texas. Mr. van Poppel has been involved in hundreds of tests, including component tests for restraint systems, sled tests with crash test dummies (ATD’s), and full-vehicle crash tests for final product performance verifications and validations. He specializes in the investigation of seatbelt systems, airbag systems, crash reconstruction, rollover events, occupant kinematics, and biodynamics. Other specialties include mechanical systems, hydraulics, laboratory testing, and the analysis of dynamic events in general, with FEA software tools such as LS-Dyna, Madymo and Fluent for CFD.


  • Validation of the Han-Brach Vehicle-Pedestrian Impact Mechanics Model, Collision Magazine, Volume 13, Issue 2, January 2020
  • A Parametric Study of an Adaptive Load- Limiting Restraint System with Weight Sensing Considerations, ESV International Technical Conference, June 2019
  • Human Head and Neck Kinematics after Low Velocity Rear-end Impacts –- Understanding Whiplash, Stapp Conference, November 1995
  • Active Control of Space Structures Using Bonded Piezoelectric Film Actuators, AIAA/AAS Conference, August 1992

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