John M. Gonzalez

John M. Gonzalez, P.E.

Senior Consultant

Mr. Gonzalez brings over 20 years of experience in the investigation of installation and construction issues at residential, commercial and industrial facilities, with a focus on damages and losses incurred during severe weather events, such as storms, floods, and hurricanes. During this time, he has investigated a wide range of issues, including corrosion or buckling of structural steel, excessive floor or wall displacement, serviceability concerns, water leakage/pooling on roofs, water intrusion or improper drainage, concrete cracking or spalling, differential settlement of foundations, and cracking of brick or masonry walls.  
With an extensive background in the power generation industry, Mr. Gonzalez has conducted numerous environmental and retrofit projects at power plants across the Southeast. He has also performed structural assessments of a wide range of steel and concrete structures, and has significant expertise analyzing and designing structural steel framing using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software. 
Over the years, Mr. Gonzalez has been a key contributor to several ACI (American Concrete Institute) committees, including: Foundations for the Installation of Machinery and Equipment; Design, Manufacture and Installation of Concrete Piles; Design and Construction of Steel-Concrete Water Storage Tanks; and the Educational Committee for the Design of Concrete Structures. Since joining ESi, he has investigated construction and code related issues across a broad range of areas, including property storm damage/loss, roof leaks and/or pooling, construction defects and oversights, and consumer concerns related to structural foundations or faulty/defective workmanship.


  • Guide for the Analysis, Design and Construction of Elevated Concrete and Composite Steel-Concrete Water Storage Tanks, Reported by ACI Committee 371

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