Jennifer Nara

Jennifer Nara, D.O.

Senior Consultant

As one of only 500 board certified forensic pathologists in the country, Dr. Jennifer Nara operates at the intersection of medicine and law--working with law enforcement, legal counsel, and clinical teams to determine the cause and manner of death in support of civil and criminal investigations involving vehicle accidents, workplace injuries, firearms, burns, pediatric deaths, drug and alcohol usage, toxic gases, and homicides. 

Dr. Nara has over 16 years of experience in forensic pathology, including more than a decade working as a medical examiner for local governments and four years working as the Chief Forensic Pathologist for law enforcement in Riverside, CA. This experience is backed by extensive medical training, specialized knowledge in areas such as forensics and firearms, and the care and compassion needed to work with families seeking answers, even as they grieve the loss of a loved one.

Over the course of her career, Dr. Nara has performed over 4,300 autopsies, covering virtually every aspect of an investigation, from collecting medical history and evidence, to determining and documenting cause of death, working with the families of the deceased, and testifying in legal proceedings. Her detail-oriented work and testimony have proven vital to efforts to seek justice for the victims in several high-profile cases, and she has been featured on A&E’s “The First 48 Hours” and various local news broadcasts.

In addition to her work at ESi, Dr. Nara is a Clinical Assistant Professor for Washington State University School of Medicine and continues to provide locum tenens support for Clark County, WA Medical Examiner Office by conducting autopsies on a routine basis.


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