James P. Sommer

James P. Sommer

Staff Consultant

Jimmy Sommer is a Systems Engineer with experience in product design, materials characterization, failure analysis, custom fixture development, and laboratory management. Jimmy is adept at the facilitation of material investigation (polymer, metals, chemistry) as well as fixture and method development for novel test applications.

In addition to his materials expertise, Jimmy has also provided analysis for matters in other engineering disciplines, such as electrical, automotive, fire, biomechanics, and safety. He routinely plans and coordinates testing for laboratory investigations and is proficient with physical and analytical failure analysis techniques and equipment. His skill set includes the precision sectioning and preparation of a wide range of materials including plastics, metals, composites, oils, wood, and electronics.


  • Forensic Evidence of Arc Tracking as an Ignition Source, 2023 IEEE International Symposium on Product Compliance Engineering (ISPCE), 1-3
  • Conquering Can Conundrums: Getting to the Bottom of Beverage Can Failures, presented at 2023 IMAT Conference, Detroit, MI, October 2023
  • Metallurgical Evidence of Arc Tracking as an Ignition Source, presented at IMAT 2022, New Orleans, LA, September 2022

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