James K. Sprague

James K. Sprague, Ph.D., P.E.



Automotive Biomechanics & Design

Dr. James Sprague specializes in dynamics and kinematics of rigid body systems, including modeling, numerical simulation, and analysis; vehicle dynamics and tire mechanics; statistical data analysis; accident reconstruction; testing and analysis of vehicles, automotive systems and components; ergonomics of vehicle interiors and entryways; dynamics of gears and power trains; and safety requirements for machine tools. He also has experience in instrumentation, design of experiments, and analysis of data; biomechanics of human movement, locomotion, mobility, and balance; and gerontological biomechanics and sports biomechanics.


  • Final Report: Phase IV Compliance Testing for Locomotive LED Headlights and Auxiliary Lights, U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Railroad Administration, July 2020
  • Comparative Lumbar Spine Acceleration Data During Daily and Dynamic Activities, Tasks of Daily Driving, and Low Speed Lateral Vehicle Impacts, Biomedical Sciences Instrumentation Journal, April 2019
  • Head Acceleration Measurements During Vehicle Driving Tasks and Lateral Impacts Relative to Head Accelerations During Daily and Dynamic Activities, Biomedical Sciences Instrumentation Journal, April 2019
  • Enhancing Contrast-Sensitivity Charts for Validating Visual Representations of Low-Illumination Scenes, SAE Technical Paper, January 2019
  • The Kinematic Analysis of Occupant Excursions and Accelerations During Staged Low Speed Far-Side Lateral Vehicle-to-Vehicle Impacts, SAE Technical Paper, January 2019
  • Overload Fracture of Cast Aluminum Wheel, Journal of Failure and Analysis and Prevention, December 2014
  • Analysis of Nighttime Vehicular Collisions and the Application of Human Factors: An Integrated Approach, SAE Technical Paper, January 2014
  • Automated Stability Analysis of a Vehicle in Combined Pitch and Roll, Advanced Vehicle Simulation and Virtual Proving Ground, International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition, January 2002
  • The Use of Stepping to Maintain Upright Balance: Biomechanical Analyses in Young and Old Adults, Ph.D. Thesis, University of Michigan, January 1994
  • The Safety and Mobility of Older Drivers: What We Know and Promising Research Issues, The University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute Final Report to American Automobile Manufacturers Association, January 1994
  • See CV for further publications

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