Eric R. Weishaupt

Eric R. Weishaupt, Ph.D., P.E.

Senior Managing Consultant

Vice President

Dr. Eric Weishaupt is a Senior Managing Consultant for ESi, with over ten years of experience conducting complex failure investigations specializing in the study of mechanical behavior of materials in relation to structure and properties. His technical interests include fatigue & fracture, corrosion, environmental degradation of materials, laboratory testing, materials characterization, inspections, engineering data analysis, instrumented testing of components & systems, spot-welded joint durability and the performance of copper alloys.

Prior to joining ESi, Dr. Weishaupt worked as a metallurgist, in addition to conducting failure analyses in the automotive, rail, plumbing, heavy trucking, industrial & consumer products, sports equipment, recreational products and medical device industry. Dr. Weishaupt has worked with manufacturers directly in the areas of materials selection, corrosion performance, design, quality assurance, and mechanical testing of products.


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