Ellen E. Wright

Ellen E. Wright, Ph.D., P.E.

Senior Consultant

Dr. Ellen Wright is a Senior Consultant with ESi and a licensed professional engineer in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering. Dr. Wright specializes in failure analysis and prevention, fractography, and characterization of materials. Dr. Wright has experience with many modes of failure and forms of material degradation, such as fatigue, fracture, corrosion, wear, creep, distortion, and weld failures. She has conducted investigations involving a diverse array of products across many industries, such as manufacturing, transportation (aviation and aerospace, rail, maritime, and automotive), power generation, chemical processing, medical device, and construction. Dr. Wright has performed a wide variety of materials and laboratory testing and is also experienced in field evaluation, documentation, and sampling.

Prior to joining ESi, Dr. Wright received her Ph.D. in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines, where she served as a teaching and research assistant in the Electron Microscopy Laboratory and as a guest lecturer. Her graduate research focused on the mechanical behavior and corrosion performance of aluminum alloy extrusions and utilized both traditional and advanced characterization techniques. Dr. Wright also held internships with Precision Castparts Corp. Small Structures Business Operations (PCC-SSBO), Advanced Forming Technology (now ARC Group Worldwide), and the University of Colorado Cardiovascular Institute.

Dr. Wright is a skilled presenter and technical writer, and she provides expert testimony. She enjoys working on multidisciplinary teams to understand complex relationships between processing, operation, and performance of components.


  • An Overview of Aircraft Accident Investigation and Component Failures, ASM Handbook, Volume 11A, Analysis and Prevention of Component and Equipment Failures, August 2021
  • The Influence of Microstrain Evolution by Tensile Straining on Localized Corrosion of Al-Li Alloys 2099 and 2196, Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, December 2019

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