Elizabeth C. Keller

Elizabeth C. Keller, P.E., CFEI, CVFI

Senior Staff Consultant

Ms. Keller uses her diverse background to investigate failures of automatic fire suppression systems in residential, commercial, storage, manufacturing and industrial occupancies, including root cause failure analysis, water infrastructure and supply analysis, hydrant flow testing, sprinkler system water demand and water delivery analysis through hydraulic calculations, construction and as-builts drawing review, inspection, testing, and maintenance requirement analysis, coordination with facility mechanical and HVAC systems, and review of system compliance with applicable codes.  This includes failures of automatic fire suppression systems to operate or perform in the event of a fire and inadvertent operation due to rust / oxidation, freezing, excessive heating, and mechanical damage.  In addition, Ms. Keller has been involved in the investigation of fires involving operational failure of commercial cooking fire protection equipment, commercial cooking ventilation systems, fire alarm and detection systems, fire extinguishers, and consumer products.  Ms. Keller has also been involved in the investigation of explosions and fires involving failures of natural gas and liquefied petroleum (LP) regulators, gas piping systems, and cylinders. 

Ms. Keller has both small- and large-scale fire and flammability testing experience with nationally and internationally recognized standards (NFPA, ASTM, and UL).

Prior to joining ESi, Ms. Keller worked as a fire protection engineer in the design and assessment of fire protection and life safety systems for military and private facilities.  Ms. Keller has design, testing, inspection, and commissioning experience as a fire protection engineer and has acted as a liaison between contractors and Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) in facilitating amicable solutions during construction and renovation projects. 

Ms. Keller is a licensed fire protection engineer in the state of North Carolina. 



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