Diana Estrada

Diana Estrada, P.E.

Senior Consultant

Ms. Diana Estrada performs scientific investigations and root cause analyses of failed components and materials due to design, construction, maintenance, or material defects. She investigates structural failures and collapses, identifies the cause and extent of structural and infrastructure damage, and performs structural integrity assessments. Ms. Estrada has failure analysis experience in concrete, wood, and steel construction and materials in structures ranging from residential to multi-story buildings as well as elevated and bridge structures. She also works on matters involving project specific code compliance and provides evaluations and recommendations for repairs.

Ms. Estrada performs research in the failure analysis and residual capacity of concrete structures. Her research involves non-destructive in-situ evaluation of damaged members, damage and material characterization, multi-scale static and dynamic testing, modeling, and interpretation of results. She also investigates how materials contribute to the limitations and failures of products and systems through material property analysis and forensic material evaluation.

Ms. Estrada actively works in conjunction with NGOs like Engineers Without Borders (EWB) and Engineers for Humanity (EFH). She served as a Professional Mentor for the MIT-EWB Student chapter on the design and construction of a multipurpose classroom in Tanzania.

Ms. Estrada holds a master’s degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Structural Mechanics and Design. 

She is fluent in Spanish and English.


  • Conceptual Design of a Deployable Vehicular Bridge Structure Using Shape and Geometric Optimization for Post Disaster Relief Applications, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Master’s Thesis, January 2018

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