David M. Fortenbaugh

David M. Fortenbaugh, Ph.D.

Senior Managing Consultant

Dr. Fortenbaugh is a Senior Managing Consultant and project manager for projects related to product liability, premises safety, and accident reconstruction. He specializes in the human factors and biomechanics/injury aspects of accidents. He has extensive experience in multidisciplinary studies of automotive, marine, consumer, and industrial products. Dr. Fortenbaugh has evaluated the human interaction with sports and fitness equipment, medical devices (e.g. wheelchairs and walkers), and climbing products (e.g. ladders and stepstools). He has examined issues of workplace safety, warnings and instructions, and human motion analysis including occupant kinematics. He has conducted dozens of surrogate studies and product evaluations and over 100 slip, trip, and fall investigations.

Prior to joining ESi, Dr. Fortenbaugh worked extensively with athletes and medical professionals for over 10 years to improve human performance and reduce injury. His previous research focused on biomechanical analysis of both basic and sports-specific movements, effectiveness of surgical techniques through cadaver testing, and clinical outcomes following orthopedic surgery. Dr. Fortenbaugh has presented his research findings at numerous national and international scientific conferences and has published more than a dozen peer-reviewed journal articles. He also serves as a journal article reviewer and in leadership roles in several professional societies and is active in safety standards development.


  • Flip-Flops: A Survey of Risk Perception and Acceptance, Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, October 2022
  • A Methodology for Assessing Driver Perception-Response Time during Unanticipated Cross-Centerline Events, Traffic Injury Prevention, October 2021
  • Validation of the Han-Brach Vehicle-Pedestrian Impact Mechanics Model, Collision Magazine, April 2020
  • A Parametric Study of an Adaptive Load-Limiting Restraint System with Weight Sensing Considerations, ESV International Technical Conference, June 2019
  • Changes in Youth Baseball Pitching Biomechanics: A 7-Year Longitudinal Study, American Journal of Sports Medicine, January 2017
  • Long-Term Outcomes after Ulnar Collateral Ligament Reconstruction in Competitive Baseball Players: A Minimum of 10 Years Follow-up, American Journal of Sports Medicine, January 2014
  • Dynamic Ultrasonography: A Cadaveric Model for Evaluating Aseptic Loosening of Total Ankle Athroplasty, Journal of Foot & Ankle Surgery, January 2013
  • Kinematic Changes Using Weightlifting Shoes on Barbell Back Squat, Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, January 2012
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  • Biomechanical Comparison of Baseball Pitching and Long-Toss: Implications for Training and Rehabilitation, Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy, January 2011
  • See CV for further publications

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