David Buzdygon

David Buzdygon, E.I.

Senior Staff Consultant

David is a mechanical engineer who specializes in accident reconstruction investigations. He performs vehicle and scene inspections for accidents involving passenger cars, commercial motor vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians. He has extensive experience using forensic photography, measuring devices, and 3D surveying equipment to capture accident-related evidence. Additionally, Mr. Buzdygon is a certified crash data retrieval technician and a commercially licensed drone operator.  His professional experience includes product design, quality engineering, accident reconstruction, and 3D modeling/animation.

David has reconstructed many accidents involving commercial vehicles, and has experience analyzing air brake system components for out-of-service criteria according to industry standards and testing of vehicles to determine braking and acceleration capabilities. In addition, David is well practiced in imaging data from heavy diesel trucks, and has experience preserving key evidence artifacts.


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