Dale E. Alexander

Dale E. Alexander, Ph.D., P.E.


Senior Director


Experienced materials consultant with demonstrated proficiency in selecting and testing materials, investigating and reconstructing material failures, and developing scientifically supportable recommendations and conclusions.  Dr. Alexander’s materials expertise is applicable to all categories of industrial, military, commercial, and consumer products.  He also provides opinion testimony as a materials expert in litigated matters in state and federal courts and international venues.

Dr. Alexander’s experience spans a variety of such industry segments as aviation, transportation, power generation, heavy equipment and machinery, medical devices, and household products. He leverages his knowledge of fracture mechanisms, corrosion, wear and degradation, microstructure, physical properties, and material joining to understand and solve problems with both non-metallic materials (polymers, elastomers, GFRP), and metallic alloys, including ferrous alloys (steel, stainless steel, iron-based super alloys), and non-ferrous alloys (aluminum, copper, brass, nickel-based super alloys).

Before joining ESi in 2001, Dr. Alexander worked for ten years as a materials scientist at Argonne National Laboratory’s Materials Science Division. During his tenure there, his research resulted in dozens of publications in peer reviewed journals and invitations to present at international organizations and conferences.


  • Failure Investigation of an Aircraft Crankshaft Gear Connection, Journal of Failure Analysis and Prevention, January 2012
  • Hardening and Precipitate Character in Proton Irradiated Model Pressure Vessel Steel Alloys, Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Enviornmental Degradation of Materials in Nuclear Power Systems, January 2002
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  • The Role of Gamma Rays and Freely-Migrating Defects in Reactor Pressure Vessel Embrittlement, Proceedings of the 9th International Symposium on Reactor Dosimetry, January 1998
  • See CV for further publications

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