Adam A. Yala

Adam A. Yala, Ph.D., P.E.

Senior Managing Consultant

Dr. Adam Abbes Yala is a Senior Managing Consultant at Engineering Systems Inc. (ESi).  He has over 25 years of professional experience and specializes in the forensic investigation of residential, commercial, and industrial structures.  Dr. Yala also specializes in the repair of damaged structures, cause and origin of structural failures, determination of extent of damage, fire damage, and water intrusion.  His expertise also encompasses emergency response to evaluate structural conditions in the context of disasters including fire, collapse, and flooding.

Dr. Yala has been involved in the analysis, design, and construction inspection of new construction, as well as renovation and retrofit projects.  Additionally, he has played an essential role in all phases of design, investigation, and restoration projects for steel, concrete, masonry, and timber structures.  Dr. Yala has directed project staff in preparing contract documents that include drawings and specifications. He communicates with clients to understand project requirements and to resolve complex construction or engineering problems.


  • Steel Provides Answer to Building on Top of Existing Parking Garage, Structure Magazine, February 2009
  • High-Tech High Rise, Modern Steel Construction, July 2005
  • Dynamic Behavior of a Multi-Lane Skewed Highway Bridge Under Traffic Loads, Structural Engineering Review, April 1992

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