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ESi Announces Realignment of Auto/Marine Practice

AURORA, IL - JUNE 19, 2017 - ESi today announced a series of strategic actions designed to increase focus on high-demand areas in our Auto and Marine practice, enhance our core business, and better serve the evolving needs of our clients worldwide.  Dr. Robert J. Butler, who has been a driving force in the continued growth and success of our Commercial Vehicles practice, will take on a broader role as Director of a new Automotive practice, and will oversee four new sub-practices while continuing to manage the day-to-day operations of our commercial vehicle team.

“This new structure reflects the broad reach of our technical capabilities, our ability to garner deep insights about the industries we serve, and our capacity and commitment to deliver thoughtful and relevant technical services and solutions to our clients,” said Dr. Butler. “With this realignment, we are elevating the key transportation areas most critical to our clients while enabling better integration, new synergies, and market oriented collaboration across our portfolio of services.”

As part of this realignment, the new Automotive practice will align resources towards the following growth areas: Automotive Biomechanics & Design, Automotive and Marine Research, Marine, and Regulatory & Compliance – Transportation.

Automotive Biomechanics & Design
Led by Principal and Director Dr. James Sprague, this sub-practice group utilizes a multidisciplinary approach to provide clients with a range of accident reconstruction services, with a focus on vehicle dynamics and the incorporation of biomechanical and human factors analysis.  Automotive design work performed by this group includes analysis, instrumentation and testing of components and human-vehicle systems, and investigations involving statistics and large datasets, including analysis of warranty and manufacturing data.

Automotive & Marine Research
Led by Principal and Director Kevin C. Breen, this sub-practice group helps clients with issues involving automotive and recreational vehicles and marine products, including accident investigation/reconstruction, component and system design, vehicle performance and failures, intellectual property, and human factors. Recreational vehicle expertise includes motorcycles, off-road and specialty vehicles, and recreational watercraft and aquatics. Mr. Breen also ensures a continued focus on important technical areas in transportation and recreational product related research, regulatory review, and standards-development forums.

Led by Senior Managing Consultant and Director Gregory T. Davis, this sub-practice group provides an extensive array of marine related technical services, with a focus on commercial marine vessel operations and safety, high value cargo damage assessment surveys, marine and marina fires and investigations, watercraft design, and ocean/inland marine warranty claims.

Regulatory and Compliance – Transportation & Safety
Led by Senior Managing Consultant and Director Christopher J. Bonanti, this sub-practice group helps clients navigate the complexities of federal and state transportation regulations and standards, build them into operational and business strategies, and achieve higher levels of operational safety with decreased risk to the client. 

“We are fortunate to have such a deep bench of seasoned leaders in our Automotive practice – individuals with outstanding reputations in the industry and a track record of successful execution and delivery,” said Dr. Butler. “I’d particularly like to extend my gratitude to Kevin Breen – who has been instrumental in directing and driving the strategic and operational evolution of our automotive and marine practices. Thanks to his leadership, we are building this new organizational structure from a position of strength.  We are grateful that he continues to help lead our new practice and will do our utmost to continue his legacy of success.”

“By bringing together the combined experience and technical expertise of these professionals,” said Dr. Butler. “We are emphasizing the services that distinguish ESi competitively and taking our collaborative problem solving to new levels.”

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