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HVAC, Refrigeration & Plumbing

Failures in HVAC, refrigeration, and plumbing systems can occur because of improper manufacturing, construction, and installation, and even errors or omissions in the design process itself for any of the components that make up these systems.

Whether it is a code deficiency, design or construction defect, or improper operation and maintenance, our experience with these systems makes it possible for us to analyze faults and uncover how and why failures occurred, and what or who might be responsible for them.

Our knowledge and experience in the design, construction, control, operation, and maintenance of these systems and their components is essential in understanding what happened, why it happened, and how to prevent it from happening again.

When failures like these lead to litigation, our experts are also experienced in presenting our findings in a courtroom environment and making the facts easy for everyone involved in the case to understand so they can draw informed conclusions.


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